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Long time no see guys!

...Unfortunately today is a really short post. Boo me, I know. I've no excuse for not making icons to be honest other than sheer laziness and taking a little time out to update my blog.

Although to be fair I have like, 300+ Dangan Ronpa sprite icons sitting on my laptop but I don't want to post them without finishing Yamada's sprites and I'm just not enthused to icon him.

Anyway, this post contains Dangan Ronpa SPOILERS so please be warned, thank you!

★ Dangan Ronpa : 8

Total: 8

★ Teasers ★

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There's lots of manga colourings in this batch which was really fun to do again. Also please note that some of the icons in this batch are available as Plurk icons! Enjoy!

★ Air Gear : 11
★ Avatar: The Legend of Korra : 44
★ Code Geass: Akito the Exiled : 10
★ Dangan Ronpa : 12
★ D.Gray-Man : 14
★ Final Fantasy X : 8
★ Final Fantasy XIII : 33
★ Katekyo Hitman Reborn : 13

Total : 145

★ Teasers ★

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Hey guys! I have a (relatively) small post today. I actually have lots of posts all iconed and ready to go but I keep redoing icons, which is what happened with today's batch.

There's three fandoms this time around.

★ AKB48 (UZA PV) : 26
★ Avatar: The Last Airbender : 27
★ Avatar: The Legend of Korra: 44

Total: : 97

★ Teasers ★

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I didn't expect to be posting again so soon but I somehow made 319 icons in one day so uh... here I am! These are all from Pokemon Conquest which I am hooked on; the Pokemon and Samurai Warriors crossover was too amazing to resist!

★ Pokemon Conquest : 319

Total: 319


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Hey guys!
I've been really into making my own resources for icons recently and I thought I'd share a few I've made whilst experimenting.

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Oh wow! I am just so stoked to be iconing again. This is my first batch since 2009 so a lot of these were experimental as I was playing around and trying to get used to iconing again. I haven't coloured manga in forever and selective colouring? Huh? What is that?! (I jest...)

So here we go!

★ Avatar: The Last Airbender : 31
★ Avatar: The Legend of Korra: 69
★ Ayumi Hamasaki : 11
★ Guilty Crown : 17
★ Helter Skelter : 8
★ Madoka Magica : 22
★ Plurk Icons : 2

Total: : 160

★ Teasers ★

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